Lindsey Natzic - Villatoro

For the last 10 years, I’ve been creating timeless portraits for hundreds of families, couples and individuals inside the studio and on location. I photograph incredible individuals all over the world but usually in Murrieta California, where Love Song Photography is currently based. I’ve had the absolute HONOR of joining families during rainy days and sunny ones (literally and figuratively) photographing moments in time and the joy they give each other is my passion.

Love Song has been featured in FORBES, People Magazine, Yahoo News, CNN, The Huffington Post, and Bridal Magazine just to name a few. Love Song has been published in Los Angeles, the UK, San Diego, China, Germany and Africa. As a photographer it is my passion to capture memories for people - Even if those memories are painful. In 2011 German, the husband of a dear friend of mine, was diagnosed with leukemia. I thought it would be amazing to document his journey. I photographed him in many sessions throughout this terrible disease. I was able to capture memories with his newborn baby, throughout his chemo, his last family portrait and his final moments in the hospital with his wife and son. German opened my heart to create priceless moments for others on an entirely different level. German will forever be special to me. In 2015 after sitting down to do an interview with Forbes.com I knew that God has something bigger in store for Love Song. Love Song soon became a 501c3 and has truly taken on a new melody. In the last 5 years The Love Song Foundation has assisted over 7,000 individuals in need. We provide relief to individuals and families in the midst of a tragedy. Whether it be granting someone’s last wish, raising funds for a funeral or medical expenses, recording the heartbeat of a loved one, taking an individual’s family portrait, providing medical advocacy, and more. The list of personal needs we fill are endless.  Love Song provides lasting memories and support that helps individuals cope with life’s most difficult moments. 

Thank you