How far in advance should I book my FAMILY session?

I recommend booking your session 6-8 weeks in advance. A minimum of 8 weeks if you are out of state. What do we wear? Coordinate but don’t match. A basic color palette is wonderful. It helps to have one person that is more the “center of attention” who carries a pattern in their outfits and the rest of the group’s clothing or accessories pull from that. Keep is simple yet classy.

Layers & Accessories - The key to your family session!

Cardigan, necklace, headband, scarf, button up shirt, tights, hats, ties. Layers & accessories add dimension, pizazz, fun, texture and therefore richness to the overall look. Be creative! If you have 2 girls, they don’t both get yellow headbands, but one yellow and one blue to spread out the colors.

What should you wear to your MATERNITY session?

Since the main reason you’ll be taking maternity pictures is to showcase your ‘bump and saver these precious moments,’ it’s important to plan your outfits based on how far along you are. I suggest taking pictures around the 30 week mark, as that’s typically the time when your belly will ‘pop’ and become more evenly round, yet also before it becomes too heavy. Since every pregnancy and pregnant belly is different, it’s important to use your body as a guide for when you not only want your belly to look its best, but also when you’ll have the energy to hold different positions for lengths of time as well. If you’ll be taking maternity pictures around 27-30 weeks, form-fitting clothes can be a great bet, as they will hug your curves and showcase your growing belly from all angles. Having a tight tunic or long shirt, either alone or when paired with a cardigan can be a great way to stay covered and hide any curves you don’t want featured, while keeping the focus on your bump. Long flowy or fitting dresses are stunning and photograph exceptional. I encourage you all to bring at least two outfits for your session. Don't forget to Accessorize!

When should I book my NEWBORN session?

It is best to let me know your due date in advance. That way, I can anticipate the baby’s birth, be on the alert and be ready to fit you in to my schedule soon after the baby is delivered. I can usually accommodate you with only a week’s notice if we are expecting to hear from you. For studio photography the ideal age is between 5-12 days. When babies are that tiny they spend a lot of time sleeping and still curl up into very sweet poses similar to the positions they were in when they were in the womb. After two weeks babies go through a growth spurt and will start stretching their arms and legs and will not be as amenable to curling up for a picture or sleeping as soundly, which is needed for some of the poses and photographs in props like the buckets.

Most newborn sessions take place within my cozy studio located in Temecula, California. Here, you will have access to my large selection of props, it also ensures that we have the perfect lighting and cozy setting for a sleepy and happy baby. On location shoots are available on request and require a large natural light resource. Before the session baby should be fell fed and expect to arrive approximately 10-15 early to allow for any feeding time. The studio is kept at 80 degrees to ensure that your newborn is warm and comfortable. I suggest that parents dress in layers to ensure their own comfort. Your newborn session will last approximately 3 hours long. This ensures we have enough time to pose and take whatever breaks necessary such as feedings. You are more than welcome to bring along a few snacks or entertaining items such as a book or an iPad. No outside cameras, videos or cell phone cameras are allowed to be used during the session.

What to Bring?
1. Spare shirts for both of you. These babies do pee/poop and accidents happen.
2. Please bring a pacifier. They help to get your babies to sleep and soothe them. If you have one (even if you do not believe your child will take it) please bring it to the session as it may help.

Location - Where should we photograph your session?

It’s time to choose the perfect location for your photo session. There are many different locations to choose from when it comes to outdoor photography. Have you thought about what you would like your background to look like? Are you more of a beach, water and sand person or do you prefer the park, river and grass setting? Choosing a location is one of the most important pieces to getting the photos you desire. Let me know yourthougths and we will plan the perfect setting.

Can my pet join our session?

Of course! I would love your animals to be apart of your lifetime memories so please bring them.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! If you are interested in an out of state session, local or non local message me! I am happy to travel.

How long will it take to receive our online gallery?

It generally takes 4 weeks to complete a full sessions. After your images are completed I will send you an online gallery for you to download.

When do your Require Session Payment?

I require the full payment the day of your session.