"My family has had the pleasure of having our memories captured by Long Song for many years now, going on 7 actually. Love Song was by my side for an out of state wedding which was hard to believe but even more beautiful on film! Love Song made me feel, look comfortable and even gorgeous when I was 9 months pregnant! I have incredible photos of my son when he was only a few days old, and now the patience she had with him as a toddler. I have seen Love Song grow and change over the years, and I'm proud to be one of their clients since the beginning!!! I have recommended many friends and will continue to do so." 
The Emerson Family

"I met Lindsey when I approached her to do a story about one of her clients. I am a TV news reporter, but I am also a mom to 3. When I got to know her, and learned how much she truly cares about the people she photographs, I knew I wanted to hire her to take photos of my own family. We have toddler twins and a little boy, so getting everyone to sit still and look at the camera is next to impossible. I was convinced Lindsey wouldn't be able to get any usable photos. I was SO wrong. The images were amazing. The perfect mix between shots that were posed and candids. All of our personalities shined through in the photos, and we never looked better.
Thank you, Lindsey!"
Kristine Lazar

"A friend of ours referred us to Lovesong Photography when our son was just 9 months and he is now a little over two. We love how Lindseyann has captured those precious moments of our family. Thanks to her we will have memories that will last a lifetime!"
The Johnson Family

"Lindseyann, with Love Song Events & Photography, is absolutely wonderful. She has become not only our family photographer of 5 years now, but also a great friend. She is the most humble, beautiful person, who blesses the lives of many, thru her work & friendship. We are so grateful, for the many irreplaceable moments, she has captured... Moments that are priceless, in which we'll forever cherish. Thank you Lindsey, for simply being the amazing person you are. You continually give to, pray for, love on, and capture the most precious memories, of the many families who have the privilege of calling you, their photographer & friend. Thank you for all you do. Love you!"
Lauren Bruce 
Tarra Phillips

"We did one of her mini sessions. She was so quick, so professional, knew exactly what she wanted and what she needed to do to get us done. Had us in and out in less than 30 minutes, yet we still had so many different prints and poses to choose from. Very talented woman. Very friendly and outgoing. Makes everyone feel very comfortable"

"When I decided to hire a family photographer, only one company came to mind; Love Song. Working with Lindsey was awesome. Right from the start, you could tell that this isn't just another job for her. She makes you feel like you've known each other for years, when you've just met. The moments that she captures on film show that she has a true passion for what she does, and takes pride in every single image. I always say that she creates magic with the click of her camera, because that is how amazing her work is. Not only did I find a photographer for life in Love Song, I made a friend for life in Lindsey. That is something that I will forever cherish."
The Bolton Family 

"The memories captured by my dear friend at Love Song are priceless ones that I will cherish for years to come. Every time I see my beautiful babies in her photography, it brings a smile to my face.:) Thank you Linz for giving me the chance to hold those memories close forever."
Bee Mycroft

"Words can not describe what an amazing photographer Lindsey is! It all started when my baby girl was 6 months old and Lindsey needed a few little models for some head bands so I offered miss Aubrey... Ever since that day we've been hooked! And by "we" I mean the whole family.. My parents and sister as well. The very first time she worked with Aubrey, my husband went with me, and we both loved her patience with our baby girl. Of course babies can only last so long when you are trying to take pictures of them and it's not very easy to ask them to cooperate, but with Lindsey I have never felt rushed and she has always promised for our shoots if for some reason Aubrey doesn't feel like taking pictures that day we can ALWAYS reschedule. From that first day until now, almost one year later, she is still AMAZING with Aubrey!!! Lindsey works so well with her and quick so we don't run into Aubrey's short attention span. And every single time Aubrey's pictures come out beautiful! I am constantly being asked about "MY" photographer and "who takes all those beautiful pictures of your baby girl". We are so fortunate to have found Lindsey and now I am so thankful that she gets to be such a huge part not only in our family's life but mainly in Aubrey's! She is definitely going to watch her grow. Now on to the family part... Our family, being my husband, three older kids, my parents, sister and brother in law, have NEVER been ones for taking pictures. Pretty much they ALL are like Aubrey, with the short attention span, BUT with Lindsey I can honestly say I have never had one sigh/comment/bad attitude with any of our family/mini sessions!! It's the best feeling in the world to have your family look forward to taking pictures AND love your photographer! I have left EVERY photo shoot with the biggest smile on my face because I can't wait to see Lindsey's finished product! Bottom line Lindsey is amazing and her work shows it! I have been 100% satisfied with every photo shoot we have done! So satisfied that I have had to beg her to let me buy the disc from some mini sessions just because I love every photo she has taken. And besides her amazing work/talent she is one of the sweetest people I know... Never would I have imagined MY photographer going out of her way to have something special made for our baby girls room and drive it out to my house with a Thank You note to our baby girl for being grateful to be able to take her pictures! Lindsey YOU are the one that deserves the THANK YOU! YOU are the one that has given our family these amazing gifts/pictures that we are going to treasure forever! YOU are amazing! We are so thankful for you and WE can't wait for our upcoming photo shoots with you! THANK YOU Lindsey!
We love you!"

Jason and Lisa Moeller

"Love Song Photography from start to finish my experience with you was wonderful. Thank you for capturing my 7 precious grandchildren -even though for most of the shoot they weren't acting so precious. You were patient creative professional and gave me the beautiful photos I wanted. A special memory of my grandchildren that I will treasure for a lifetime. With my sincerest thanks."
Anna Gould

"Love love love love, Love song.... She captured my heart and attention over a year ago with her passion and amazing stories behind her work. Lindsey is such a doll! She super personable and made our family portraits painless lol. She knows how to pose, angles and lighting. We have done family photos before and it would always end in a frustrated hubby and crying child. Lindsey captured our true love for each other. Seriously the best experience. You WILL love her I can't wait to work with her again!" 

Amy Quaid

"Some of the most important things in finding a good photographer is not only their ability to take good pictures, but also their ability to make you and your family feel comfortable and confident. Lindsey has a knack for achieving this and is flexible when it comes to what you envision your photos to look like. I love her creative "mini" sessions and will be having my little mini do one in the future. Lindsey is a pleasure to work with and we will definitely be back for more photos in the future."

The Nicol Family

"Lindsey is so talented. She is so calm and patient with my family and even though I have 2 crazy boys plus a newborn she is always able to get the perfect shot...."

Denee Simeone

"Some of the most important things in finding a good photographer is not only their ability to take good pictures, but also their ability to make you and your family feel comfortable and confident. Lindsey has a knack for achieving this and is flexible when it comes to what you envision your photos to look like. I love her creative "mini" sessions and will be having my little mini do one in the future. Lindsey is a pleasure to work with and we will definitely be back for more photos in the future."

The Nicol Family

"Love Song has captured the most special moments in our lives- from our wedding, through our pregnancy, and our sweet little newborn! Lindsey does an AMAZING job and goes out of her way to ensure that we are completely satisfied. She was the only person we trusted to capture these special moments in our lives. Love her!"

The Sanchez Family

"Well, what to say… I have been a friend of Lindsey's for a little while now, and I must say, I have never met anyone quite like her. She is creative beyond anything I have ever known, outspoken, ambitious and a fiercely loving Mother. To be honest, she sets the bar for women everywhere. In knowing that she wanted to better her life, the lives of her family members, and provide a voice through photos for people everywhere, I can say with great confidence, that she is one exemplary human being. I not only know her as a friend but now as a client. Her photos captivate audiences with a single frame and with each shutter of the lens, she is able to capture beauty, comedy, a raw emotion. Lindsey has a skill that far surpasses others. She has the ability to communicate through a still photo. She is also able to make those completely un-photogenic, feel comfortable in front of the camera. We're not all 10's, but with Lindsey, you feel as if you are (insert your favorite celebrity icon… lol) She has created lasting images and memories for my family and I can't wait for many more memories to be made through her photos."

Casey Erway

"Thank you Lindsey from Love Song Events and Photography for capturing amazing pictures of my family in such a beautiful setting. Your work is nothing shy of perfection! As a Mom of 4 we haven't had family pictures in over 5 years, needless to say it was time. Lindsey made everything about our shoot comfortable from beginning to end, with a family of 6 it can be very stressful. SHE EVEN DID MY MAKEUP AND MY KIDS HAIR! She made us all feel so comfortable! I can't thank Love Song enough for her beautiful work! We can't wait to do it again!!"

Megan Fonte

"Lindsey is a very professional photographer with an eye for creativity. She made me feel very comfortable, beautiful and made the photoshoot a lot of fun. I was very impressed with how fast I received my pictures and with the quality of her work. I recommend her for any type of photoshoot-family, new baby, boudoir. She is AMAZING and you won't be disappointed!"

Heidi Diel

"Lindsey is a very professional photographer with an eye for creativity. She made me feel very comfortable, beautiful and made the photoshoot a lot of fun. I was very impressed with how fast I received my pictures and with the quality of her work. I recommend her for any type of photoshoot-family, new baby, boudoir. She is AMAZING and you won't be disappointed!"

Elizabeth Tufano

"Our family loves being photographed by Lindsey! She is exceptional with our children, she has a warmth about her that just gets the best smiles out of them. She has been photographing our family for 3 years now and we have never had a shoot we weren't in love with. She photographed our engagement photos, our wedding, our newborn baby and all of our family photos. With these being such milestones in our lives, we wouldn't trust anyone else to capture the moments on film. She is truly a professional in the business and we couldn't be happier with her work. The turn around time on photos is minimal and she even gives you a few "peeks" here and there until the rest of the photos are ready. We definitely recommend Love Song to anyone looking for those unique and beautiful shots. From beach sessions to the newborn session she has always come up with something creative and exciting. We look forward to many more shoots with Love Song as she always exceeds our expectations as a photographer, a professional and as a friend."

The Easley's

"I connected to Lindsey through Love Song Photography in 2014 through a post on Facebook. I loved her work, but more so I loved the message behind her work. Lindsey shot my granddaughters 1st birthday photos for us and they turned out better than I could have imagined. I have continued to follow all of the heartfelt stories Lindsey covers and get involved when possible. I love the fact that Love Song did a campaign to help provide families photo sessions at the most trying time in their life. I have participated in both campaign's and plan on participating in many more in the future. I'm proud to be part of Team Love Song!"

Shannon Coe Urieta

"Lindsey at LoveSong has photographed myself and my children on numerous occasions. Her work never ceases to amaze me.
It's like she knows exactly what your looking for because she nails it every time. Her personality makes you feel so comfortable, her compassion is endless, and her heart is pure gold. I will never go anywhere else. I support her and I support her cause. Thank you Lindsey for always capturing the most amazing moments. Your talent is beautiful beyond words!"

Alicia Bogema-Piatt
Monica Angel

"There are no words to describe the feeling LOVE SONG PHOTOGRAPHY fills my family with. I worked with Lindsey last year when my granddaughter was born. I began to follow Lindsey when I saw a young girl choosing to give her daughter life and leave the rest to God. Her name was Ashley.. Her story moved me along with others I had seen and I just knew it had to be Lindsey that gave my daughter Something special. Lindsey was great from the first point of contact til now. I consider Lindsey a friend now. She makes each occasion unique and your own.The care she gives each of us is because she genuinely cares about all her clients. I would go to no one other than Lindsey for any memorable occasion I want to have photographed.
We love Lindsey!!!"


"Wow oh wow was Lindsey amazing. We had such a great time during our session, it was fun and exciting. To top it all off we got our pics back within a week of taking them. Lindsey your AMAZING ...."

Tiffany Smith

"Love Song Photography is simply AMAZING!!! They blew us away with their professionalism, make-up, creativity, photography and editing!!! Not only did Lindsey make our day a lasting memory but she made my mom, sister and I feel beautiful for the BIG Day! We had our photographer cancel on us 2 weeks before our wedding which was in Las Vegas. Our best friend recommended us call Lindsey and not only did she cancel her personal engagement pictures but her and her husband drove all the up to Vegas to make our day SPECTACULAR!!!! Everything happens for a reason and I’m glad the hotel photographer cancelled!!! Thank you Lindsey!!! We love you and the friendship we have built!"

Rael Narvell

"What a great experience my family had with Love Song. My newborn was not cooperating but she was so patient and soft with him that it looks like he was actually posing for his pictures. We also had our maternity pictures with her and they were beautiful. Although neither of us are comfortable with having our pictures taken she managed to capture romantic and tender moments between us. So happy with my experiences, I highly recommend Love Song to all my family and friends!!"

The Barros Family
Lacy Merrell

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Lindsey and Love Song Photography for over three years now and there is certainly a reason why I’ve continued to come back. She really takes the time to get to know you and your family in order to bring out the best in your photography. Each time I come to her for my next shoot, she’s also so excited and has so many ideas to bring to the table. She wonderful with children and has always been able to convince my son to smile when I can’t. I definitely look forward to the next time Love Song will get to capture my families memories."

Brandi Bohandy

"I've had Lindsey take photos of my family and I since 2011. She has always made me feel very comfortable. This year I had a little boy and she was there to photograph his first moments of life at the hospital. It was a wonderful experience and the memory's will last forever. Thank you so much Lindsey, I can't wait for you to take our family pictures. She is by far the best photographer around."

"Love Song photography not only captured amazing moments of my family, but made us feel at home, giving us laughter, with professional care and creativeness. She also made it moments we will cherish forever. Thank You LoveSong."

The Mason Family


"Lindsey at Lovesong photography was amazing. Not only did she make me feel so comfortable she made my kids feel great also. Her pictures are ALWAYS gorgeous and I get nothing but compliments on them. She made me feel confident in front of the camera and always makes my kids laugh during their pictures. I had an amazing time shooting with her and I recommend her to ALL of my friends and family. I "LOVE " LOVESONG!!!"

The Penrod Family
Lauren Lee Escobar


"When you hire Lindsey from Love Song to take your photos, you will get more than just an amazing photographer. Her passion for capturing memories combined with her love for people are the reasons my family will continue to return to her year after year. She truly has a gift...and for her gift I am grateful."


  "We feel so blessed to have had Lindsey as our family photographer! Lindsey used me as a maternity model and I knew after that day she would be the only photographer we ever used! She made my husband and I comfortable from the beginning with posing. When we got our pictures back we were ecstatic with how amazing they turned out! She captured the most perfect pictures and moments between my husband and I that we will forever cherish! Once our son was born Lindsey did our newborn shoot and they came out absolutely perfect. She took her time with them and was so patient with a crying cranky baby to get the perfect shot. After that she did our family Christmas photos that we were absolutely in love with! Lindsey has not only become our permanent family photographer but also become a close friend whom we absolutely adore. Lindsey, we love you!"

Mimi Baxter


"I can’t begin to describe what Lovesong means to our family. I started following Lindsey’s work about 4 years ago on Facebook. During Christmas she opened up a couple of mini sessions and I jumped on it! Little did I know what a blessing it would be. During that time, my little brother was diagnosed with cancer. I mentioned it to Lindsay during our session and she asked me to send her all of the information and details. A couple of weeks later, I got a call from Lindsay asking when she could do a Forever Loved session with my family. I explained to her that my brother was still in the hospital but would be getting out shortly. She explained the importance of getting it done quickly and that she would make herself available when we were ready. A week later, we met with Lindsay and she took the most breathtaking photographs of my brother and our family. Little did I know that those would be the last photos we would all have together. Two weeks later, my brother passed away at the age of 16. We are beyond grateful that she was able to not only capture amazing memories but was able to help our family out financially by publishing our story. Lindsay is not only a photographer of life but has inevitably become a part of our family. Lovesong will forever be our photographer of choice and I will continue to support her amazing foundation!! I’m proud to call her my photographer and my friend. She is a beautiful person inside and out and what a blessing her vision has been to so many families! I’m so excited to see what the future holds for Lovesong."

Nicole Verner


"I want to start by saying Lindsey is a kind, wonderful, and generous person. After learning about my recent kidney cancer diagnosis, Lindsey reached out and offered to gift my little family with a session and some images. I cannot thank her enough for her time and especially patience with my little one. These images will be forever special to me, and will remind me that as a family we can conquer any hardships. I will never be able to repay Lindsey for that gift. She is a wonderful photographer. Our pictures turned out gorgeous. I am eternally grateful for the gift she gave us."

Sarah Doran